Principal consultant

Claud Freeman


Claud has over 40 years of international experience in the commercial aviation industry and has worked successfully in South Africa, the UK, USA, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Australia. He comes from an aircraft engineering background and has held Senior Executive positions with major international airlines and aerospace companies for just over 27 years. His vast experience includes developing and optimising aircraft and component maintenance standards, while his in-depth knowledge of civil aviation legislation ensures that these programmes always remain compliant. Claud has implemented major organisational and procedural improvements and is skilled in change management. Participating in significant international programmes such as the Ageing aircraft structures maintenance programme for the Boeing 747 in the early 1990’s and later as a member of the International Airworthiness Assurance Working Group has provided Claud with a very positive reputation in the international Aviation community.

This reputation was further enhanced through his leadership of the high profile return to service programme of the Concorde fleet in 2001. 


Claud has significant experience working with aircraft and component manufacturers, the most significant of which was three years at the Boeing Factory in Seattle as airline technical representative for a major airline.



Business Expertise

  • Optimising Operational performance
  • Cost analysis, reduction and control
  • Safety, Quality and Risk Management
  • Change management
  • Operational systems and process development
  • Coaching and mentoring of management teams
  • Client and key stakeholder relationship management
  • Compliance management
  • Bid and tender management