Major Achievements

  • Member of the Boeing 747 International Ageing Aircraft working group,  responsible for developing the mandatory structural maintenance programmes for aircraft which have reached their design life goals
  • Member of the international Airworthiness Assurance Working Group (AAWG), established by the US Federal Advisory Committee to investigate and propose solutions to the effects of structural ageing on commercial aircraft
  • Return to service of the BA Concorde fleet which were grounded as a result of the Air France Concorde accident in 2000
  • Successful bids for the provision of Special Mission training for the Royal Navy and Air Force in the UK and the introduction and operation of surveillance aircraft for Australian Coastwatch 
  • General management of two Charter airlines in the NT. Secured contracts for fly-in, fly-out services with major International resource companies operating in Australia
  • Secured the contract for Air Ambulance special mission air services in New Zealand
  • Led the efforts to design, build and commission an aircraft storage facility in Alice Springs, Australia
  • Participated in the winning bid for the facilities (taxi ways, aircraft parking and associated lighting) upgrade at Edinburgh airforce base as part of the Air7000 project
  • Relocated a component maintenance operation Interstate and modernised and upgraded all support equipment to position the parent company as a world leader in this particular product line