Continuing Airworthiness Management

 Review and optimization of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO) and Maintenance Control (MC) departments to ensure full regulatory compliance whilst maintaining a clear focus on cost control and operational performance: 

  • Full review and update of total CAMO / MC manual suite: Exposition, Procedures manual & Reliability Manual (where applicable)

  • For each aircraft type:

    • review and update each System of Maintenance / Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP) to ensure compliance with OEM Maintenance Panning Document (MPD) requirements and optimize for cost effective fleet maintenance

    • Review maintenance schedule and planning parameters to maximise aircraft availability for the operation

    • Review and update Minimum Equipment List (MEL) to ensure compliance with latest revision of OEM Master Minimum Equipment list

  • Assist in contractual arrangements between Operators and MRO’s for compliant and cost effective aircraft and component maintenance

  • Conduct training needs analysis and devise appropriate training and development programmes for all CAMO staff

  • Review and optimize aircraft record keeping and document control across all departments

Subject to Regulatory approval, serve as acting Continuing Airworthiness Manager (CAM) / Alternate CAM to support Operator’s AOC as and when required during periods of recruitment or lengthy leave absences of the incumbents.